The International Center For the Hebrew Language Rishon leZion

Location: Rishon LeZion
Client: Rishon Lezion Municipality
Area: 6,000 sqm
Year: 2015
Project Architect: Adi Samet
Collaboration: Dan Hasson
Landscape Architect: Inside Outside, Moria Sekely
Status: Under construction

Landscape Architect: Sack and Reicher Architects

The International Center For the Hebrew Language Rishon leZion is situated in Haviv elementary school; The first Hebrew school in the country, established in 1882. The center will operate in coordination with the school, which operates till this day in the core of the historical city of Rishon le Zion. The school's original building will be conserved and used as a museological space for the school and the Hebrew language. The adjacent historical 'Medalya' house will be conserved as an integral part of the site and will host a coffee house.

The project will be composed of two stages:

1. The building of Haviv elementary school.
2. The public complex, enfolding The International Center For the Hebrew Language; which will host manifold audiences for experiential learning, Enrichment activities, meetings and conferences regarding the Hebrew language.

The open spaces incorporated in the site are planned as a continuous promenade, intertwined with the interior spaces constituting the ground floor. The whole site is inclosed by a green pergola, operating as outdoor classrooms and shaded play-areas for the school, as well as gathering spots for both institutions.