Of-Ar Civic Center

Location: Of-Ar, Ofakim
Area: 20,000 sqm
Year: 2009
Collaboration: Joseph Dadoune, Yitzhak Krispel, Dan Hasson
Status: Unrealized

A Communal Space and Cultural Hothouse.

The character of the project for rehabilitation of Of-Ar factory (opened in 1961, closed 1986) derives from the combination of visions: the artist, the community, and the architect. The partnership led to a social, economic, and cultural project.
Multi-functional modular space designated for providing both services and cultural activities such as shops, a business incubator, and an employment agency together with artist studios, exhibition spaces, and library.
The architecture approach appears as a hybrid space between the building as it is and a tamed nature.
The idea maintaining partially open ceilings and creating a botanical garden with various species.